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Frequently Asked Questions
1) What are your opening hours?
We open from 7.30am to 5pm on weekdays, and 8.00am to 1.00pm Saturday mornings. This may
change on or around Easter and Christmas, so ring before you travel far!
2) Do we install fascias or soffits?
No, we are simply a supply warehouse. We do know all the local builders though, and can
recommend some of the best. Please contact us for details.
3) Where do we deliver?
We regularly deliver all over the county, from Plymouth to Lands End, Bude to Falmouth.
4) What days do we deliver to.....?
We don't have any set delivery days, to allow us to be more efficient, but ask us when you
order, and we can give you a pretty accurate idea. Most areas are within a day or two.
5) Do we come out to measure up?
We try to avoid it to be honest, as some builders are particular in how they install
their uPVC, and estimating quantities can be difficult without talking to them first. If
your builder can't measure up for you though, we can make arrangements to do it.
Please contact us for details.
6) What warranties are available?
It differs per particular item, but most white products are 15 years, and some woodgrain
products extend their warranty up to 10 years. Swish offers a 50 year guarantee, under certain conditions. Please check when you contact us, and we can be more precise.
7) Are account facilities available?
Account facilities are available, normally requiring payment at the end of the following month.
We can send out application forms at your request.
8) Why are there no prices available on your website?
Prices change regularly, as plastic is an oil based product, and so relies on the recent price of oil. We
operate a generous discount policy though, so rest assured we will give you the best prices we can.
9) What are the advantages of plastic instead of wood?
There are many advantages, the most useful ones being a resistance to weathering, much reduced
maintenance ( light cleaning required very occasionally ), no warping, no rotting, no cracking and no
painting needed. PVC-U is also resistant to insect and fungal attack.
10) What lengths are available?
Most plastic fascias, soffits cladding etc... come in 5m (16.5 ft) lengths. The guttering comes in 4m
(13 ft) lengths. We can sell half lengths of some popular wider boards, so please ask when
ordering. Boards can be cut here, to fit into/onto your vehicle if required, or take advantage of
our FREE delivery service!